Envision this, your peering out over a lovely Greek seashore from your overhang. Close to you is an incredibly charming outskirt collie persistently hanging tight for breakfast. You have a month and a half to investigate this new little town, seashores, and all its delectable neighbourhood food (and to think the convenience is costing you nothing).


We, The Traveling House Sitters, as of late invested that energy in the Greek oceanside town. With a month of 28°C days, it is considered a stunning moderate investigation of the Greek seaside village!

In the most recent three years, we have thought about more than 29 homes, in spots, for example, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, The UK, France, Italy, Montenegro and Greece and The Caribbean.

The following are a portion of our preferred house sits (how you can begin as well!)

Among the Vines

Our first house in Europe was 30 mins east of Bordeaux. We had made a trip from India to Turkey then onto Manchester to get our new campervan. It was a lengthy drive, and we were unable to hold on to show up and unwind!

This house was set along a delightful stream that extended to Bordeaux and was settled inside many columns of plants. The property holders educated us that as long as you remained many plants from the farmhouse, you could walk, however any grape plantation in the zone. This made strolling the canine every morning a fantasy work out as expected.

Exactly as expected, the wine of the zone was extraordinary. Our little town had only a market, boulangerie and a nearby wine affiliation. The loaves were known as the best in the locale ( we can\’t help but concur).

From France to Rome

Following the home in the plants, we took care of a condo in Barcelona, and afterward, back to France for a house sit in Provence. After Provence, it was on to Italy! We were reserved also care for a lakeside manor in Lake Como and three felines. We, at that point, overcame the heatwave and advanced down to Rome for a month-long housesit.

As we travelled south, we ticked off pail list areas, such as the Tuscan Hills, Florence, the Parmigiano cheddar production lines and Bologna (one of the most shockingly delightful urban regions in Europe!)

The Unexpected Views of Montenegro

We didn\’t think a lot about Montenegro, yet it completely overwhelmed us. We thought about two felines who, until just as of late, had spent their whole carries on with living on a boat in the Caribbean. We believe they delighted in the perspectives on The Bay of Kotor nearly as much as we did. In any case, one of them favoured the sights and hints of his most loved YouTube recordings. One was a 14-hour long video of a sea green/blue and the other a 10-hour video of tropical winged creatures (it\’s an intense life for a feline).

Next, it was on to Greece for the last leg of our excursion. In any case, between Montenegro and Greece, our campervan separated in the Albanian open country (yet that is a story for some other time). We unfortunately, we abandoned the camper and ventured on by transport to our next sit.

In the Greek Kitchen

Our next sit was in a Greek coastline town. Here we took in the genuine importance of Greek accommodation. The property holders demanded we remained for two evenings when they returned. They needed us to encounter a Sunday feast with the entire family.

It was a significant involvement with which we go through the morning in the kitchen, learning Greek plans, then the early evening time eating, drinking, and talking with the entire more distant family.

Our last house sit of this excursion is in Athens at the base of the Pantheon. We anticipate encountering the city before we head off to the Caribbean! Our next house sit includes a sailboat and another cruising feline!

This house sitting way of life is very advancing and can be fit for anybody, regardless of whether you\’re an intrepid explorer or somebody who needs to set aside some cash on lease. In case you\’re keen on encountering this for yourself, we are here to help! Take our online course, which takes you through how to turn into a housesitter!


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