Beautiful places to visit in the world, Need a little motivation for your next excursion, either genuine or envisioned? SmarterTravel’s editors have befuddled the planet, visiting many nations on each mainland—and these are the spots they’ve pronounced the most lovely places on the earth.

Beautiful places to visit in the world
Beautiful places to visit in the world

Beautiful places to visit in the world

The Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Caroline Morse Teel

“Antarctica feels powerful. It’s without human life, with a practically frightful void in places—no synthetic structures, no electrical cables, no planes flying overhead, and no lights. All the while, it overflows with regular life, from penguins requiring their mates in a racket of sounds to hide seals lurking beneath the surface, holding back to jump on their next supper. All that against a background of transcending mountains, splendidly blue icy masses, and an unpolluted sky—I’ve yet to discover anyplace else on earth that can think about.” — Caroline Morse Teel, Principal Editor

Granada, Spain

Noemi de la Torre

“Like all the towns in Andalucia, Granada is something unique. The design, the food, and the individuals all make for a critical outing. In any case, the genuine jewel in Granada is the Alhambra. Move up the high, thin roads of the Albayzin neighborhood to the Mirador de San Nicolás and watch the sunset over the Alhambra. It’s been (precisely) called ‘the most delightful nightfall on the planet’ and is one of those supernatural encounters that will remain with you until the end of time.” — Noemi de la Torre, Senior Photo Editor

South Island, New Zealand

Sarah Schlichter

“My then-accomplice (presently spouse) and I were decreased nearly to the dumbfounded state during an excursion around New Zealand’s terrific South Island. ‘Amazing,’ I said as we adjusted a bend and a crystalline lake spread out before us. ‘Goodness,’ he reverberated a couple of moments later as the late-day sun cast a rosy gleam across huge mountains topped with a day off. Icy masses, fjords, seashores—the South Island has everything and’s everything dazzling.” — Sarah Schlichter, Deputy Executive Editor

Krka National Park, Croatia

Tune McPherson

Krka National Park should be a little refueling break on my guided outing to Split, yet it wound up being the feature of the week. Waterways and streams bungle the ground underneath you as you explore the timberland on raised wooden pathways. The whole excursion has profound tranquility to it, with just your strides and the hints of water and feathered creature calls to intrude.

At long last, toward the finish of the walk, you’re welcomed by an excursion ground encompassed by levels of great cascades. The perspectives were dazzling and, in transit, out. I got the opportunity to visit a group of wild little cats—so it was most likely the greatest day ever.”  — Carol McPherson, Video Editor/Creator

Incredible Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

Christine Sarkis

“The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia frequents my fantasies in an ideal manner. I just went through two days there, yet even that short measure of time wins it a spot at the head of my rundown. This image was taken after a short departure from Vancouver Island to the little wild cabin of Nimmo Bay. It was an inebriating obscure of thick calm rainforest climbs, rowing inlets so still that my kayak appeared to skim over the mists and surging cascades that breathed out the rainforest into the ocean.” — Christine Sarkis, Executive Editor

Haputale Tea Country, Sri Lanka

Shannon McMahon

“The most excellent spots are consistently the ones that photographs definitely can’t do equity. What’s more, for me, that mystery consistently infers the Sri Lankan tea nation. I took a ramshackle train ride to Haputale in storm season downpours, winding through verdant inclines and dark chasms made significantly more dream-like by the sprinkle.

As though the postcard-Esque viaducts and Nine Arch Bridge en route weren’t sufficient, meeting Haputale’s nearby tea pickers in cloud timberland unstably roosted at 7,000 feet above ocean level was. From the lower regions of Agarapatana Plantation, I was gobsmacked by the perspectives, which just developed more dream-like as we climbed to the top to appreciate numerous new cups of tea, presented with roti and desserts, neglecting the overcast spread that would happen once in a while break to uncover miles of moving greenery beneath.

It’s the nearest I’ve at any point been to strolling into the pages of a Dr. Seuss book and remaining some time.” — Shannon McMahon, Editor of News and Features

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Ashley Rossi

“A significant number of the world’s most delightful spots accompany hordes of sightseers and lines that you need to hold up in; it’s uncommon to locate that genuine feeling of pristine magnificence. What’s more, when you do, it’s regularly far, far away from the most common way to go. In any case, you’ll typically find that the pursuit makes the last goal justified, despite all the trouble, and that is the situation with Tayrona National Park in Colombia.

An outing here causes you to feel like you’re on your excursion of young investigation in Lord of the Flies. Hours from the lively city of Cartagena sit miles and miles of coastline where the Sierra Nevada lower regions kiss the Caribbean coast. Discover unwinding in the confined inlets and tidal ponds or trek in the rainforest to old Taryonan ruins. To arrive, discover the seashore city of Santa Marta and afterward advance using transport to the timberland.

There are a lot of shrouded retreats and treehouses to remain at, where welcoming loungers swing in the breeze hanging tight for you. There’s nothing very like after a twisting way in the rainforest that unexpectedly finishes with brilliant sand and untamed sea.” — Ashley Rossi, Senior Editor



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